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RealFlight® Model Downloads

Now available for free download - RealFlight┬« models of contest winning ships.  Be sure to import the entire aircraft first, then download any additional color schemes that you like.  

To Download:

Save the attached .G3X file in the RealFlight 3.5 G3X directory (typically C:\Program Files\RealFlightG3\G3X). Then in RealFlight select "Simulation", "Import", "G3X...".  Double click the saved file and you should get a "Import successful" message.

Note that windows will try to save the files as ".zip" files instead of G3X.  Be sure to change the file extension to .G3X when you download the files, or rename them to .G3X after the files are downloaded and before you try to import them.

Check the model's description for how the simulator controller is setup.  Three flight modes are available, as well as switch selectable aileron -> rudder mixing.

Also click here to check out how to change the aircrafts settings like launch height, CG position, and ballast

Topaz S V2     

Entire aircraft for G4+

Entire aircraft for G3


Light Blue for G4+

Light Blue for G3


Yellow w/ Red Tips G4+

Yellow w/ Red Tips G3



Espada RL

Pike Perfect


Entire aircraft

white and Blue
color scheme

Green and Violt
color scheme

Yellow red with red logo


Entire aircraft

Red and white
color scheme

Light blue
color scheme



Entire aircraft 

Light blue over black
color scheme

Orange over Black
color scheme

White over Black
color scheme

Yellow over Blue
color scheme

Keep in mind that these are just simulations.  They fly well, but the actual models are even better.  Give them a try, you may be impressed!