Kurt Rosner - Radian RTF Park Flyer

As an r/c slope glider (and sometime flat-land) flying enthusiast, the long doldrums of little wind and few thermals last summer had me ready to consider going back to power flying. Then I heard about the Parkzone RADIAN available from SkipMillerModels.com.

This two meter electric glider seems to have been designed for the conditions that bugged me! It climbs like a rocket an astonishing number of times on one battery charge. Then it floats forever, at a pleasantly low sink rate. It can be flown fast when the wind comes up, and for aerobatics. Add a little power and it behaves like a heavier airplane. Slope soar in a light breeze while the heavy ships are grounded, and if the breeze lets you down, nudge that throttle up a bit and fake it! Thermal soaring in the absence of thermals can also be, um, simulated. (The outrunner motor and folding prop combination is quiet at reduced throttle).

The clincher for me was the total package. Truly ready to fly, the Lipo battery even comes with a partial charge. The included radio system is the interference free spread spectrum type, and a charger for the battery, which also powers the receiver, is in the box. When I was challenged to guess the cost of this delightful system I came up with $500, double the actual cost! The team at SkipMillerModels truly understand how to make flying fun and affordable.


Kurt learned to fly full-size gliders at age 14, and 67 years later is still fascinated by things that fly. He built and flew model aircraft all his life, and focused on RC sailplanes as the radio technology improved from primitive to modern multi channel proportional control. The photo on the left shows Kurt at age 18 when he was an instructor/passenger hopper for a glider school in Sanford, Florida. He's the one with the Big Hair. On the right is Kurt today with his P51 slope model.

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