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Steigeisen Lift
Steigeisen Lift 2.4 w/servos
Price: $879.00

The NEW Steigeisen lift is designed for light air flying. It has more wing area, and a larger tail to make the plane more user friendly and hang better in light lift. It still uses the thin airfoils to allow it to launch high and move around great. The Steigeisen lift is designed to complement the regular Steigeisen and be used with it for the light air conditions. The combination of the two models will give you an amazing performing model whether there be high wing or lot of sink the Steigeisen will move right through it and get to the air, or the Steigeisen lift will let you hang in the lightest of it.
Steigeisen 2.4 w/servos
Price: $879.00

The Steigeisen is the new DLG from the Logo design team. It is designed around the new F3K rules which require models the launch very high, range far up wind and down wind, out hang the competition, and still maintain user friendly flight characteristics. The Steigeisen does all that and more! The model is already excelling in F3K competitions, most notably winning the 2009 F3K Euro Tour.  
Orion F3K
Orion F3K Disser w/ D-Box
Price: $679.00

The Orion is a Polish built discus launched glider, designed to be a fully competitive molded F3K model without breaking the bank. Fully molded construction provides a light, yet robust airframe, with very user friendly flight characteristics. The Orion is quickly earning a reputation after being used in the recent F3K World Championships and taking the top place in the Polish Nationals.
NEW! Orion V6!
Price: $616.00

ORION was developed and prepared to take part in the World Cup. Its main feature is a large wing area of 22.8 dm2 and thin profile of 6.7% which was the base of the profile of HN . Patterns of the wings and fuselage were made on a CNC milling machine which ensures high accuracy and compliance with developed assumptions . The construction of the hull and rudder allows the execution of odkręcanego ballast for easy transport. Elevator & Rudder control can be made by cable or bowden carbon ( available as an option ) .
Ultegra DLG
Price: $595.00

X-Ray Micro DLG
X-Ray Micro DLG
Price: $229.00

The X-ray is the ultimate micro DLG. It's fully molded wing provides an extremely light and strong wing that can handle the hardest of launches. The surfaces are spring loaded with a wire so only a string is need to move the surface providing a very light push rod system. The X-ray is the ultimate micro DLG.